Friday, August 27

A netball team

Our A netball team won the Primary B Grade championship cup recently by beating Ngatimoti 11-4. Thankyou to Celia who did a wonderful job of coaching the girls this year. Most of our players are Year 6 or 7 which means they will back again next year and hopefully they will collect more trophies!

Friday, August 13

Go the All Blacks!!

Miss R went down to Christchurch to watch the All Blacks play Australia at the weekend. She managed to take these photos of the All Black haka and Richie having a chat with the referee!
The All Blacks won 20-10 which meant they retained the Bledisloe Cup for another we just need the Rugby World Cup!!

Gym Pyramids

We are gearing up for the Gym Festival .. the girls are practising their pyramids for the B grade event next week. They have a compulsory pyramid that they have to perform as well as create their "own" one. They will be judged our of 5 on the day. Good luck girls!

Thursday, August 12

Soccer coaching

George the soccer coach came over from Nelson this week to teach us some basic soccer skills. He made us practise dodging between players and then we played a few games that focused on ball control and looking for support players while still dribbling the ball.
We look forward to George coming again next week!

I love the Knight Life

At the end of Term 2 the senior school were invited to the Memorial Hall to watch a school production called "I Love the Knight Life" which was performed my students from Parklands School. We got to travel into town on the school bus which was exciting! The show was very good, there are lots of talented actors and actresses in Motueka!


Josh the volleyball coach came in this week to teach us some basic skills. We have two year 6 volleyball teams who play after school on Wednesday nights. Josh showed us how to do a forearm pass and how to volley correctly. Josh plays for the New Zealand Volleyball team (even though he has Canadian accent!) and plays in competitions all around the world.

Apple Juice Test

Dean and Riley read a story recently called 'The Apple Juice Test". We thought it would be a great idea to make our own juice using a special juicing machine so we could decide for oursleves which tasted and carrot juice or apple and grape juice.
Lisa helped the boys to cut up the apple and carrots into pieces and to use the juicer and the verdict was.....APPLE AND GRAPE juice tasted the best!!
Thankyou to Chrissie for the loan of her Juicing machine

Thursday, June 24

Nelson Cross Country

On Monday we sent 20 Year 5 and 6 students over to Saxton Field to compete at the Nelson Cross Country champs. It was a really tough course and most people arrived home covered in mud!! Sydnee managed to win her race and Corbin also got a top 10 placing. They will now have the opportunity to compete in Hanmer at the inter-regionals in September which is fantastic!

Literacy Quiz

5 students from Room 7 competed in a Literacy Quiz recently at the Memorial Hall. They studied hard for weeks in preparation for it. They were quizzed on their knowledge of 3 books called E3, The Sting and Friends. They even came away with some prizes which was fantastic!

Sunday, May 23

Hockey at Saxton Field

Macey, James, Riley and Eva from Room 7 went to a hockey tournament in Nelson last week. They competed against schools from all around the district. There were 45teams altogether (thats over 500 kids!!). Even though they didn't win many games, they enjoyed their trip and had lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 12

The new admin block

Last week our new administration and office block was completed and all the new furniture was moved in. Doesn't it look great!! We went for a tour around on Monday morning, it has a lovely deck for teachers to relax on and really cool lime green chairs! It even has plasma screens on the walls (but these are NOT for teachers to watch Sky on though!)

Cooking Noodles

Riley, Bailey and Dean cooked noodles with Lisa last week and wrote a procedure of the steps they did.
They had chicken and beef flavours. They cooked them in a pot on the stove and then they ate them with chopsticks! They were hard to use and they kept spilling the noodles down the front of their clothes!But it was lots of fun...

Tuesday, May 11

Claudia's blue oil

Claudia and Laiana showed the class a blue oil experiment. First we put 2 tablespoons of oil into an empty bottle. Then we put 2 tablespoons of coloured water in the bottle. Next she shook it up and all the oil rose to the top. r

Eva's teabag rocket

For our homework last week we had to find an experiment that we could show the class and I found a experiment called the Teabag Rocket. All you need was a teabag that could roll out into a long shape you also needed a lighter and bowl. First I had to undo the stapple and roll it out. Then you had to tip the tea leaves into the bowl and then move them to one side of the bowl. Then make the teabag stand up and then you had to roll the top of the teabag up. Then light it. It went flying up in air and it looked like a jelly fish floating in the water when it came down.

By Eva

Toasted Sandwiches

Today we made tosted sandwiches in room 7! We wrote procedures while we were making them! The reason why we made them was because most of the class were at Kapa Haka. Only five people from the class made them. The five people were, Sam, Sophie, Claudia, Freya, and Dean. the Materials were - Butter, Bread, sandwich maker, Fillings of your choice, knife, plates, and cheese grater! They were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Samantha and Sophie!

Isaac's tornado

On Friday Isaac bought his tornado experiment to show the class. When he
tipped it up side down and shook it a tornado formed in the bottle and it gurgled down to the
bottom of the bottle. Clever boy Isaac!